Luzesa is representative in Mexico of international companies concerned about the solution, sustainability and saving in electricity consumption.

Solution of sustainability and saving in the consumption of electric power for the Mexican retail Sector :
  • A new approach to energy savings
  • Unique technology using sensors: ‘set and forget’ set it and forget it.
  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Intelligent analytical software
  • Clear and detailed monthly repor
  • It detects and reports the unusual behavior of the device in real time
  • Benchmarking to improve efficiency

Panoramic Power information


iPlace is our automation software for installations of home automation that will allow you to integrate any physical device and turn it into a home automation device. Manage the comprehensive automation of devices in residential and commercial buildings.
Automation of the energy system of the housing, coupled with presence sensors, switches, thermostats and elements of control of the production of hot water, and the coordination carried out by iplace, allow to improve the comfort of housing and a high efficiency in the energy consumption of the same.
iPlace allows you to use a standard instant messaging application to communicate directly with your House.

iPlace Features:

  • Web management
  • Functional intelligence
  • Interaction in real time
  • Consultation of the status of the House in real time
  • Historical statistics
  • Configuration items home automation
  • Air conditioning management
  • Temperature and presence sensors

Device management:

Keep, control and interact remotely with their devices regardless of their location. Check your status, change your settings, activate / deactivate or update the firmware of their devices.

Rules engine:

The rule engine is responsible for operating logic. This allows the configuration of flows of activity complex, allowing you to interact with all the elements of the system.

Custom control panel:

Create your custom control panel, iPlace has a very flexible and easily adaptable web platform.


When you receive data, store them, connect or disconnect a device… in all these cases you can react with simple IF-THEN-ELSE structures.

Custom notifications :

Notifications are created by iPlace when it something is not going well, but you can also create and manage their own notifications to measure.

Details of Conexiona


  • Dealer generation Cummins
  • Sale distribution maintenance advice
  • The best generators on the market
  • Light plant, emergency plants, generators

Dealer generation Cummins