Who we are

Currently, we have over 20 years of experience in the sector.

We are a company oriented to the solution and integration in the field of electromechanical
facilities, such as:

  • Air conditioning
  • Emergency plants
  • Electrical installations
  • Hydraulic pumping equipment


Initiating activities in 1986 as Luzesa natural person ventured into the facilities and services of electro-mechanical maintenance for some banks, government agencies and private companies.


Offer the best solutions for maintenance and facilities and commercial electromechanical consulting, solving specific problems of our clients, with the help of a team of technically trained labour that always seeks to surpass the expectations of our customers; Likewise to achieve a means of overcoming, well-being and fulfillment for our partners and suppliers, in the same way we contribute to the care of the environment achieving better use of electric power


To be the most successful company in the field of maintenance and electromechanical installations specialized, leader and example at national and international level; that is distinguished by providing excellent service quality to meet the different needs of our customers.



Always show a responsible attitude, showing interest, empathy, listening and understanding their needs, acting on behalf of our client, always looking for a context of win – win.


We believe in honesty as the main foundation for human relations, without it, the conditions for coexistence, is not conducive to so honesty is a key pillar in our day-to-day actions.


We maintain a relationship of respect, open communication between our team work, suppliers, customers and society in general, with full trust and openness for changes and improvements, this, to be able to offer every day a better service that meets and exceeds expectations.